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Tombstones - Traditional Tombstone Collection

Our Traditional Tombstone Collection has a stunning array of Tombstone Design elements, ranging from simple and elegant to more bold and statement making designs.

These Beautiful Tombstones make up the more classic and Traditional Tombstone Designs. Each Tombstone Design is available as a Headstone only, a Headstone on kerbs and white stones in the centre and a Full Tombstone. You are also more than welcome to combine Different Tombstone elements from various ones you see here and we will then provide you with a Tombstone Quote. We have a resident artist who specialises in Tombstone Design. We work in your framework and your budget and we will create the most Perfect Tombstone for your loved one.

All Tombstones are made from Top Quality Granite and polished to a high shine.  You can see the Forget me not Tombstone Difference. Come into our Showroom where you can view a selection of our Tombstones and see our workmanship and Tombstone Quality. You will not be disappointed. 

All Tombstone Designs are available in the three Types shown here.

A Headstone on big baseblock - is the headstone on a rectangular base that sits at the head of the grave.

Then you get a Headstone on baseblock with the frame of granite

(or kerbs) around the grave and white marble stones in the centre.

Lastly you can place a full tombstone - that is the headstone on base, with the frame around the grave with a slab of granite covering the entire grave.

Please have a look at our Beautiful Tombstone Designs below.

 If you have any questions please navigate to our Contacts Page and we will gladly assist you in your Tombstone Requirements.


forget me not Tombstones

forget me not Tombstones

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recently installed Tombstones and Memorials online as well as any Custom Tombstones we have created!

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