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What is the Average Tombstone Price?

The Prices of Tombstones depends on what type of granite you use. In South Africa, the most commonly used granite is called rustenburg granite. In South Africa the price of this granite is the most affordable to create tombstones from, offering clients affordable Tombstones.

Other Tombstone prices can vary according to the different colour granites used. The prices of these Tombstone materials are more costly than the rustenburg granite, but using these tombstone granites in a combination can create varying Tombstone Prices to suit any budget.

Here at Forget me not Tombstones we  provide Beautiful Tombstones at Affordable Tombstone Prices for Johannesburg, Roodepoort and the rest of Gauteng.  

The average price of a Headstone depends on the thickness of the granite, type of granite used and the polishing of the Headstone. We have a range of headstones from our Budget range to our executive range to suit all budgets. We do not compromise on our quality of our Tombstones, and no matter which range you select from, you can be assured that you will be receiving high quality granite and a Beautiful Tombstone Design for your beloved.

All our Tombstones for Sale use only 1st grade granite and we do not compromise on our quality. We pride ourselves in the Tombstones we create, manufacture and Install for our clients.  We have

hundreds of Tombstone Designs and separate design elements for you to select from, for you to create the Perfect Tombstone for your loved one.

Be it a Headstone, Full stone, Tombstone, Double Tombstone, Memorial or a Memorial Plaque - we are here to assist you with all your requirements.

Whether you are looking for something simple or a design reflecting the complexity of your loved one's personality, our resident artist can create a Work of Art for your Beloved.

All memorials can come as a headstone only, on kerbs (a frame with white stones in the middle) or on full slab. (Covers the entire grave.)

Please browse our ranges to see our Tombstones. Otherwise all you need to do is share with us your thoughts of what you would like to depict in a Memorial Tombstone and we will assist you with a custom design. If you also have your own design in mind, have a Tombstone photograph or sketch of what you are looking for , all you have to do is email or whatsapp it to us and we will send you a Tombstone Quote.

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"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living" Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro
Cheap Tombstone Price


An economical range of Tombstones and Headstones.

Ranging from headstones to full memorials.

Tombstone Prices are to suit a budget, but the high Quality Tombstones we pride ourselves in, is not compromised.

Classic Tombstone


A stunning range of traditionally Classic Tombstones and Headstones. Polished front and sides to an

incredible finish. These Designs of Tombstones are Timeless.

Exclusive Tombstones


 A beautiful collection of top of the range Beautiful Tombstones and Headstones. Large and Majestic.

Elegant combinations of different stones to create Timeless Tombstones.

Tombstone Design


An exclusive range of  Beautiful Tombstones available in Johannesburg and  Gauteng.  Custom Tombstone Designs available. 

Intricate designs.

Tombstone Double


Double graves, where two graves are next to each other. Stunning Tombstone Range for Double Graves from headstones only to bold, strong Tombstone Designs

Child Tombstone


Tombstone for little Angels. These child  tombstones for children are one of a kind. Each Child Tombstone is lovingly hand painted and hand crafted.

Memorial Plaque

An extensive range of memorial plaques and grave markers in a selection of sizes, designs and colours.


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Pet Memorial

We create Pet memorials and have an Extensive Pet Tombstone and Memorial Plaques. Let us create the Perfect Memorial for your Beloved Pet.


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Tombstone Design

Our Designer and co-owner, Natascha, runs our Design Lab and works closely with each client to create the perfect memorial. Let us create the perfect Tombstone for your loved one.


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