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Forget me not Brand

Tombstones - About us 

Here at Forget me not Tombstones we understand how emotional it can be to loose a loved one.

We also believe that by erecting a memorial for them, it is a celebration of their life and their legacy. When you select a tombstone for your family member from Forget me not Tombstones we assist you in the journey of creating the perfect memorial and tombstone for them. Our Dedicated Team have over 22 years experience and our quality, workmanship, customer service speaks for our itself.

We work hand in hand with each of our clients to make sure the end result is that of honouring your loved one’s life for generations to come. We offer competitive Tombstone Pricing in Johannesburg and Gauteng.

What sets us apart from other Tombstone companies in our industry, is our outstanding Tombstone Quality and our incredible Tombstone Service we offer. From the very beginning you are assigned a Tombstone Specialist to consult and collaborate with you to create the vision of the tombstone you require. Be it simple and elegant, large and bold or a beautiful hand painted little one’s memorial - we are here to assist you. Our Professional Teams aims to support you not only in the creation of the Perfect Tombstone, but through the journey making the stages of erecting a memorial as stress free as possible. 


Our Heritage


We are a family run Tombstone business headed up by Husband and Wife team, Casey and Natascha.

Our Focus is on providing a caring and professional environment with focus on family and developing lasting relationships with our clients. We take a hands on approach and Natascha and Casey are deeply involved in the day to day activities of the business. Drop in for a cup of coffee or tea and you are more than likely to find them busy in the factory or assisting clients in our showroom.

Our Staff


Our Tombstone Team is highly skilled and have many, many years working with us in the Tombstone industry.

Years of doing what we do best has created a

phenomenal team that is Forget me not Tombstones. We create, Manufacture and Install all our Tombstones, and we pride ourselves in the level of service we offer to all our clients who purchase a Tombstone, Memorial, Headstone, Double Tombstone or a Memorial Plaque from us. 

 We all look forward to assisting you in the process of selecting a Beautiful Tombstone for your loved one. 

Our Facilities


When you purchase a Tombstone from us here at Forget me not Tombstones, you are purchasing directly from the Tombstone Factory. We offer a range of Tombstones for sale at Affordable Tombstone Prices. We have a beautiful Tombstone showroom at our premises, alongside our Factory, were we craft each of our incredibly beautiful Tombstones and Memorials.

Pop in and have a look at a selection of memorials that showcase our Tombstone Quality, workmanship and Our unrivalled service.

We offer Tombstone Design consultations with our Resident Artist, free unveiling invitations to all our clients, Wording and layout options, brainstorming sessions as well as advice on Permit fees and how to get a Tombstone Permit. We also have various Tombstone Messages and Quotes that we make available to all our Clients from years of collecting the most Beautiful Tombstone Messages.

Our Community


Our Tombstone family reaches far and wide, from clients all over Africa, to as far as America , the UK and Australia, we have been blessed to work with amazing people. Our facebook community is large and we regularly update the happenings here at Forget me not Tombstones.

Please feel free to drop us an email on our contacts page and start your journey with us. We truly look forward to assisting you with all your Tombstone Requirements.

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