Exclusive Collection

Our Exclusive collection offers our clients a wide range of design elements to select from. These memorials are eye-catching, large and created to make a statement.

All memorials are fully customisable and we will gladly work with you

and your family to create the perfect work of art for your Loved one.

"We make art for the most special reason - to memorialise and celebrate lives.
St Peter Tombstone
A beautiful Large Tombstone Deisgn, orginally created by our Tombstone Design Lab many years ago. All grey granite can be used or we can add a colour granite for the headstones
Vivaldi Tombstone
This Large exclusive Tombstone is filled with beautiful elements for your loved one.
Lincoln with Cross
This is one of our most popular Tombstone Designs we create, This work of art is a perfect tribute for any Loved one
Venecia Tombstone
This large Tombstone is one of our Best Tombstone Designs we carry. It is perfect for a "larger than life" person.
Eclipse Tombstone
This modern Tombstone Design with a beautiful A4 lazer engraved photo as a focal point. This Beautiful Tombstone is a perfect testament of love
Leonardo Tombstone
A Traditional Tombstone Design with a modern Twist.
Curved Tombstone
A more religious inspired tombstone. Different angles create a Beautiful Tombstone Design for a lady or man.
White Marble Slab
Simple marble flat tombstone, that speaks volumes in its simplicity and beauty. A beautiful Tombstone from our Tombstone Design Lab.
Raegan Tombstone
The "wow factor" is what this tombstone has. Combined Tombstone Design elements of pillars, different colour granites and marble.
Marvel Tombstone
Very elegant Beautiful Tombstone. The scalloped Tombstone Design is reminiscent of nature and the flow of life.
Romeo Tombstone
St Paul Tombstone
Bible Ledger Tombstone
Washington Tombstone
Clinton Tombstone
ex franklin co
Hoffman Tombstone
Salvadore Tombstone
Gallant Tombstone
Peita Tombstone
ET 301 Tombstone
Lincoln with Marble base
ET 302 Tombsstone
Lincoln with photo
Lincoln no photo
ET 303 Tombstone
ET 304 Tombstone
ET 305 Tombstone
ET 306 Tombstone
ET 307 Tombstone
ET 308 Tombstone
ET 309 Tombstone
ET 310 Tombstone
ET 311 Tombstone
Lincoln with cross in colour
ET 312 Tombstone
ET 313 Tombstone
Landscape Tombstone
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